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As psychologists, we work in the field of human behaviour and psychopathology.


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Corporate Mental Wealth

The mental health of your staff is more important than ever before.


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I have also just uploaded my first online mini courses on on Transactional Analysis Drivers.

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In a Nutshell

NeuroLab is about developing You and Your capacity for Mental Wealth.

As an individual, team or organisation, we help you understand who you and those around you are.

For many, the journey of understanding is fraught with fear and indignation, but ultimately worth it.

Within South Africa we offer psychometrics, therapeutic and coaching interventions.

As registered psychologists, consultations conform to the ethical prerequisites specified by the

Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

Currently our UK division focusses exclusively on Executive Coaching and Human Capital Development.

More Detail

NeuroLab is a collaboration of mental health professionals and HR specialist. Our service offerings range from therapy, training on the subject of mental health, leadership and group dynamics, to personality assessments, psychometrics and personal development. With various psychological tools available we develop interventions based on scientific analysis and research. With contexts from the clinical, organisational and social domains, we seek to build the Mental Wealth and resilience of individuals and teams. Leadership and team development are at the foundation of our experience in the working world. With almost 100 years of work experience between our consultants, our interventions are grounded in operational delivery and not solely on strategic and tactical plans. Our multi disciplinary team has specific experience in Human Resources (International), Clinical and institutional experience (National) as well as Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Sales. Other areas that the team has worked in include media, art, photography and the social media environments (National). Take some time to peruse each consultant's profile to get a better understanding of who we are.

As a child, I desperately wanted to be a pilot or a medical doctor. I have had 5 careers and been relatively happy in most of them. At 40 I became a Psychologist and this is perhaps the best possible career I could have chosen for myself. I love what I do. My career offers me Mastery, Purpose and Autonomy, with the ability to make difference on whatever level I choose. From entrepreneurship, retail, sales, marketing, publishing, media and general management, I have the T-shirt. 

I was insolvent at 25, sold an Internet marketing company at 35 and currently work as a psychologist with organisations in the media, advertising, IT and construction industry. My role in the companies I work with is fundamentally the development the Mental Wealth of the organisation and its people. Merging my experience in business with a degree in Marketing, together with an Honours and Master’s degree in Psychology, I have immersed myself in the theoretical and operational essence of the world of work.  

I look forward to working with you in developing yourself and your company’s Mental Wealth. 

Alan Ahlfeldt


85Years Combined Experience
14Combined Careers
5Countries worked in
150Self Help Articles

Let's Meet Online

Why Coaching?


Is overrated! Find meaning; find purpose. That will bring happiness.


Let's find out who you are and how to best use your personality preferences.


We always need to change. There is a way to do it and sustain it when it is necessary.


Balance is impossible to achieve. Life is too complex. Let's discover tensions and life stages.


Increase the range, flexibility, and effectiveness of your behavioural repertoire.
Improve your psychological and social competencies.
Increase psychological and social awareness and understanding.
Increase tolerance of ambiguity.
Increase tolerance and range of emotional responses.
Increase flexibility in, and ability to develop and maintain, effective interpersonal relationships within a diverse workforce.
Increase your awareness and knowledge of motivation, learning, group dynamics, organisational behaviour and other components of psychosocial and organisational domains of human behaviour.
Decrease acting out of emotions, unconscious conflicts and other psychodynamic patterns.
Improve your capacity to learn and grow.
Improve your stress management skills and stress hardiness.
Increase your ability to manage yourself and others in conditions of environmental and organisational turbulence, crisis and conflict.
Improve your ability to manage your career and to advance professionally.
Improve your ability to manage the tensions between organisational, family, community, industry and personal needs and demands.
Improve the effectiveness of the organisational team where necessary.


Build Education Website Using WordPress
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Chicago, US
Tech you how to build a complete Learning Management System with WordPress and LearnPress.
Coaching Autumn 2018
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Venice, Italy
Elegant Light Box Paper
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Vancouver, Canada

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Conflict Resolution


Corporate Mental Wealth

There are many tools and components of any intervention for an organisation. The Shadowmatch platform is one tool that NeuroLab employs to build Corporate Mental Wealth. Explore the links and videos to find out more. 

Shadowmatch is an online workforce optimisation system that maps behavioural patterns, better known as habits. Because it is an online system, you don’t need any software or licences to use the product.




Skillsgrid is an automated system that enables employers to better understand the individual and collective skills of their employees, the skills gaps they face as well as training and development interventions necessary for optimal workforce success. It also informs the recruitment process with a match between the applicant and the skills profile related to each job.


The Career Report powered by Shadowmatch is your tool to understanding how to make the best choices for your career life.

We explain what the Career Report contains, and the impact this information will have on your life.




Shadowmatch is an online workforce optimisation system that maps behavioural patterns, better known as habits. Because it is an online system, you don’t need any software or licences to use the product.

Shadowmatch is successfully used by companies, coaches, psychometrists and psychologists for precision recruitment, understanding the unique behaviour of an individual, for development of people, team analysis, team on-boarding and team building.  Shadowmatch is also successfully used for leadership identification, succession planning, redeployment of staff, coaching, relationship management (at work and in personal life) and day-to-day management of staff


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