Scope of Practice

As a counselling psychologist, I assist people in dealing with the normal problems of life concerning all stages and aspects of a person’s existence in order to facilitate desirable psychological adjustment, growth and maturity.

This is accomplished by:

a) Assessing, diagnosing and intervening with clients dealing with life challenges and developmental problems to optimise psychological well-being; assessing cognitive, personality, emotional and neuropsychological functions in relation to life challenges and developmental problems; assessing developmental processes (e.g. career choices) and adjustment.

b) Identifying psychopathology and its impact on developmental processes and adjustment, and diagnosing disorders of adjustments, applying psychological interventions to clients with developmental challenges and adjustment problems; performing therapeutic counselling intervention; referring clients to appropriate professionals for further assessment or intervention.

c) Advising on the development of policies based on various aspects of psychological theory and research; designing, managing and evaluating programmes dealing with developmental and adjustment problems;

d) Training and supervising other registered counselling psychologists in counselling psychology;

e) Designing, managing, conducting and reporting on and supervising psychological research; conducting psychological practice and research.

Using this knowledge and service mix, I work as an executive coach. In so doing I work with my clients to prevent psychopathology and reduce stress. Often I work within a  Wellness paradigm, identifying 8 areas specifically. These areas are 1) Psychological 2) Psychological 3) Social 4) Financial 5) Career  6)Environmental 7) Creative 8) Spiritual. By analysing these domains together with the client, we establish goals and accountability, moving toward a life that is healthier (a salutogenic approach). If you have more questions please drop me a mail on


Information regarding the psychometrics I work with as well as an overview of my fields of focus.

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