KingfisherFM is a Not for Profit, community of interest radio station. We appeal to and deliver a media experience which targets the Christian and broader markets, upholding the Christian worldview.

Our reach is targeted but not limited to the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Area, but reaches as far as Patensie, Jeffery’s Bay and the Sunday’s River Valley. In the technological age we live in, the ability to stream radio over the Internet is commonplace and we use streaming to reach a wider market. Our Internet presence extends to our Web page, blogs, Twitter feeds, Pinterest Account and Facebook. A recent inclusion of a YouTube Channel gives us the ability to enter the visual media domain, an ambition we hope to embark on within this year. We are hoping to introduce a programme on DSTV on the BayTV channel relating to ethical business and development of the Eastern Cape region. In other words, good news about Nelson Mandela Bay.

According to independent research conducted by Amanda Gill and Associates, Kingfisher FM is the most racially balanced radio station in the Eastern Cape Region.  It has a female bias and has the highest household income base estimated at R12 225. Our AMPS figures currently hover around the 56 000 listener mark.KFFMLogo1-2

45% of the KingfisherFM listener base is LSM 8 to 10 and has an age profile of around 45.

In January 2014, new management took over KingfisherFM, significantly changing content focusing on the value drivers of Hope, producing Excellent content, delivering an Authentic message and building Relationships within our listeners, community and our advertising base. This relates to engaged staff and community accountability.

Securing consulting services from one of the “father’s” of radio in South Africa who is also the CEO of the MTN Radio Awards, Lance Rothschild set KingfisherFM on a path of consolidation and growth from January 2014. His focus areas, in the order of, Content Refinement, Listener Base Growth and Income Generation form part of the strategy that KingfisherFm has embraced.

KingfisherFm is not all things to all people. Our programming follows a specific Christian thread and all content aired complies with our ICASA licensing specifications. As an authentically Christian radio station, our music is almost exclusively Christian; our content inserts are morally oriented and relevant to the world we live in. Not acting as a church, but rather as a platform for organisations and community development agencies, we pride ourselves in offering the platform for integrity and authentic engagement.


The acronym HEAR is the value statement that we at Kingfisher strive to live by.

stands for Hope. Hope and Inspiration are concepts that we would like to bring to our listeners each and every day in all of the content that we broadcast.

E is for Excellence. Excellence is certainly a value to strive for. Although life happens, we have striven to secure consulting and continued input from South Africa’s leading radio specialists. We have built our programming base on these recommendations and continue to refine and adapt to best practices, related to content on Radio Kingfisher.

A represents Authenticity. Our mandate is to serve and support community through our community of interest, the Christian community of Nelson Mandela Bay. Our music has a definite Christian influence. Our content covers all aspects of life, building in areas relating specifically to the constructs of research on Well-being. These are Physical (Health), Psychological, Social, Financial, Career, Environmental, Creative and Spiritual well-being. In our business practices every effort is continuously being made to surpass the expectations of legal compliance to that of ethical compliance, congruent with the faith that we confess.

R introduces the concept of Relationship. We strive to build relationship with our community, partners, supporters, sponsors and advertisers.

Our involvement in partnering with other NPOs and organisations that serve the greater community of Nelson Mandela Bay is widespread. We continuously offer our broadcasting platform to create awareness, build momentum and stand with organisations who seek to build community and do good.
All of these efforts are underpinned by the purpose component of our motivation for broadcasting, the expression of our Christian values and worldview, underpinned by love. Not the fluffy kind of love, but rather love that is based on respect and visible in action.

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