Consulting & Coaching

A Scientific Approach.

The coaching journey is different for everyone. The reason for coaching also differed considerably, but it boils down to increasing the range, flexibility, and effectiveness of the client’s behavioural responses. This is about improving both psychological and social competencies. If we are able to predict with a degree of certainty how we would usually responding in a given situation, we are able to modify our behaviour if it is counter productive to the context. 

We can’t change our personalities but we can changer behaviour. 

I work with a set of psychometric tests which help guide the coaching experience. For samples of the relevant reports I use to take you through the coaching conversations, just download the various report files attached to this page. 

The reports cover a comprehensive personality assessment called the 15FQ+. From this report various work related roles are extracted using Bass’s theory. These relate to Leadership, Team, Subordinate and Selling roles. A GROW coaching report is produced as well as a Derailer and Competency Coaching Report. The Emotional Intelligence Report deals specifically with

Reports for Coaching Conversations


For an organisational perspective on Behaviour and habits of individuals and teams, I use the Shadowmatch assessments. This is a rich set of tools which through the benchmarking of successful employees, give the organisation a framework on which to place members of staff and new incumbents in order to increase the probability of success.

The system also offers team dynamics classification as well as a Skillsgrid option. The Personal Development Programmes (PDPs) are habit related programmes to build the individuals knowledge and competence in specific behavioural competencies.

For more information on Shadowmatch see