Coaching Minute 10|26|01 – Careers

This week I would like to concentrate my coaching minutes on careers. Now this concept of careers is something that runs deep with people. Actually, education runs deep with people and I think you will find that there are as many differing opinions on careers as there are people giving those opinions. But what of predictability? How do we educate our children for the future. Children entering the education system now will be retiring in 2075. None of us know what the world will look like in 5 years, net alone 65 years; and we are supposed to be educating our children to live and work in this world.
There are trends that we can look at but none of us know what the future will look like, do we?
How do we go about helping our children navigate the future. We think our problems are new, but every generation feels this. If you look at the theories and the psychometric tests and the research around career development you will realise that this has been a rather important point of discussion over the years, and people have been trying to resolve these issues for years!
One thing I know is that the world of work out there is not the same it was 5 years ago, and the world that our children are going to work in, is not going to be as it is today. Equipping our children to handle complexity and chaos, generalising initially as opposed to specialising from the start is probably a wise thing to do.
So may you learn that the world we live in is dynamic, diverse and creative, and may you understand that for all the planning and preparation we might do, factors out of our control do play a role in challenging the status quo more and more each year. Equipping our children to be able to cope with the challenges that life may throw at them is something that will probably be a good idea.

I’m Alan Ahlfeldt, coaching psychologist @ NeuroLab.