2010_03_001 Alan Ahlfeldt

The New Year

The other day someone asked me how my year has been so far. It was the second week of January and I answered in all sincerity that it feels like the 42nd of December. As soon as I had said it I realised the impact of the statement. I always say it’s been good because I am probably on holiday, I have spent about two weeks with friends and family, probably gone away for at least a long weekend and generally would have rested my body and mind. And I would have had a lot of fun. But this year was a little different and although I had a lot of fun, there was more responsibility and much less rest than I normally would have had. The economic aftershock of much of 2009 was also present in an intrusive way and the realisation that despite all our plans and precautions, we are extremely vulnerable.

We can philosophise that the economic melt-down levelled the playing field a little and made many more people accountable for their spending. We can say things like one man’s loss is another man’s gain, and this too allows us to assimilate the very real consequences of a treacherous year. You see, many people outside of first world countries didn’t experience the giddying effects of a super boom economy. But when the bust came, most people in developing countries felt the crunch in varying degrees. And then I thought that we in South Africa, and especially in the Eastern Cape are actually quite used to facing the consequences of economic mayhem.  And although our resilience is building, I think that I might just have reached that threshold where I am not caring that much about the good things that might be happening in my life, in anticipation of the chaos which is out of my control.

I would love to believe that everything is going to be great in the future and that it will all work out in the end. But I know that it probably won’t work out in the way that I currently desire. But if the truth be told, there will be areas in my life that really do work out and there will also be areas where chaos prevails. So looking at 2010 I resolve to become more conscious of the good and positive things in my life. I resolve not to ignore the bleeding obvious and negative and to do my best to overcome what I can with the resources I have. But I will not let the negative dictate how I feel and who I am. I resolve to be a life giver and not an energy sapper. I resolve to keep looking at my life and working through my issues, not to think that they will disappear, but to know that I am doing what I can to grow and become more of who I really want to be.  So if you ask me how my 2010 has started now, that’s how I will answer.

I’m Alan Ahlfeldt with NeuroLab’s coaching minute of the day.