Value Proposition – Benefits of Executive Coaching

  1. Increase the range, flexibility, and effectiveness of the client’s behavioural repertoire
  2. Improve client’s psychological and social competencies.
    1. Increase psychological and social awareness and understanding
    2. Increase tolerance of ambiguity
    3. Increase tolerance and range of emotional responses
    4. Increase flexibility in and ability to develop and maintain effective interpersonal relationships within a diverse workforce
    5. Increase the client’s awareness and knowledge of motivation, learning, group dynamics, organisational behaviour, and other components of psychosocial and organisational domains of human behaviour
    6. Decrease acting out of emotions, unconscious conflicts, and other psychodynamic patterns
    7. Improve the client’s capacity to learn and grow
    8. Improve the client’s stress management skills and stress hardiness
  3. Increase the client’s ability to manage self and others in conditions of environmental and organisational turbulence, crisis and conflict
  4. Improve the client’s ability to manage his or her career and to advance professionally
  5. Improve the client’s ability to manage the tension between organisational, family, community, industry, and personal needs and demands
  6. Improve the effectiveness of the organisational team